And Welcome Aboard. You are at the internet home of the Baja Fog. Made popular in the following locations, in order:

1.) Baja Mexico
2.) Santa Barbara/Goleta
3.) Mammoth Mountain
4.) June Mountain
3.) Central Coast (Cambria)

…from there is spread so darn fast i couldn’t keep track any longer.

I created the Baja Fog in 1974 in the back of a 1976 Chevy Apache 10 pickup truck with Scot, Kirk and Jim. BTW, how old were you back then? If I recall correctly the first guy to enjoy and take the fog out of our immediate circle was Kevin Trejo. He writes about the Baja Fog here:  (you should have given me credit there Kevin).

Kevin is the owner/operator of Solo Sports in Baja.

–Flash Buddy