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Flash & Jan

Around the Campfire

April 29th, 2022

OMG – We got kicked out! That’s a first and of course it was all my fault. Math has never been my strong suit. If I need a spot from the 25th through the 30th, then that is  five nights right? Well it turns out you need six nights, not five. The camp host and the folks in the Grand Design Imagine were all very pleasant and patient while we did a speedy pack up and roll out. Lucky for us KOA had a spot left, and only $110.00 for the night. Good thing they gave me a veterans discount 😀

Holy moly – $110!  This is one crazy expensive parking spot! But look at the amenities; Two free KOA logo koozies, a store with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the lake with swan pedal boats, four way ping pong, pickle ball, shuffle board… Our site came with a full size BBQ, table and four Adirondack chairs. Other sites had jacuzzis’. I wonder what those cost?
What else could we do but roll with the punches. When I saw the couple in the brand new Grand Design Imagine trailer waiting for our (their) spot I felt pretty bad, so as a group we put it into high gear and got ‘er packed up and pulled out in record time. Lucky we had our son Zac and his girlfriend Alisha visiting and they pitched right in on the fast pack ‘n go. Now we know if the weather turns bad (think tornado), or a natural disaster (think volcano) we know we can move fast.