Fog Wagon Solar Project

What to do with six Lion Energy UT1300 LiFePo4 Batteries?! The plan generally is to get close to 2000 watts of solar on the roof of the Fog Wagon (33×8) then follow the 50 Amp solar build sheet I purchased. I’ve broken this down to:

1.) Install Batteries, wired in parallel for 12V 630A

2.) Add Switch | Shunt | Inverter Charger | + & – Bus Bars – basically everything except the solar panels and controls.


Victron MultiPlus

I see Victron has a more than one interation of its Multiplus Inverter Charger. Since it is a big $$$ item, I’m trying to figure out which one to start with?!


General Shopping List

Inverter Charger


Two Bus Bars


Fully Functional

Build & Test In My Driveway

Drag the Fog Wagon home from storage, create space in storage bay, build mounting system and add componets.