Corona Fog


While historically the first fogs’ were made with Corona beer, any bottled beer will do. We’ve made Baja Fogs with Heineken – calling them German Fogs, MGD – calling them draughty fogs, Coors – calling them Rocky Mountain Fogs… You get the idea. No matter what your bottled beer of choice is, be sure to try the original Baja Fog made in the classic Corona fog, but don’t call it a Corona fog, rather the official Baja Fog instead.

By the way, did you know the waterfall photo on the Coors cans and bottles is not from Golden Colorado, home of Coor beer, but from Bogan Flats Colorado! What’s up with that?! Jeffrey Keeton complained to Coors about it and this is the letter he received in return:

Not Corona Fog

Dear William:

Thanks for your e-mail about the waterfall on the Coors cans and labels.. We are always interested in hearing from our consumers.

There are two waterfalls. The picture of the first waterfall was taken in 1937. The waterfall is located at Fish Creek Falls, near Steamboat Springs, CO. It is referred to as a “rabbit” waterfall. The shape of the waterfall depicts a rabbit.

In 1978, when Coors Light was introduced, another waterfall was chosen. It is called “Milton Falls”, located at Bogan Flats, near Marble, Colorado. It is the waterfall that is currently on our cans.

If you have other questions or comments, William, please contact us again either by e-mail at or by calling the Consumer Information Center Hotline: 1-800-642-6116. We are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time, and the staff will welcome your comments.


Ana Maria Paez
Consumer Information Representative
Consumer Relations

See Jeffrey’s post here.

Bottom line here is those referring to my original creation the Baja Fog as a Corona Fog are just plain wrong, or at best just plain dumb. Do your research people. The Baja Fog recipe was first published in 1974!